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Tuesday, December 04, 2007
Waiting for it all to happen
I haven't been in this place for a while. The place I mean is moving and change. It was tough when Marty left and when Dad left earlier this year, but I guess I was last there in this order of magnitude three years ago when we came to India. The last two weeks before a big change are the toughest. Because lots of stuff is happening, but I haven't actually left yet. In many ways, I just want to have it over and done with. Junior seems ready too--last night I found her curled up in her container, which I put out for her to get used to--as if placidly waiting to board.

Today I came home and Leela made a normal dinner, but I realized that yesterday was really the last normal day since tomorrow night the movers will come and get Junior, and we start to pack on Thursday. So tonight is the last night we'll all be together, Leela, Junior and me. Junior stays a day in Frankfurt in the little "zoo" they have in the airport, and then on to Detroit--cold and snowy. But, it will be a relief to know that she has arrived home. I thought about taking her with me on the plane when I go, but given all the paperwork and protocol I'm glad I started earlier---and this way, she's in a larger container, and will have some time to stop and get food, water, and cleaned up, and not be underfoot and scared with the packers here. Sara is so excited about her arrival, and has been planning all of Junior's accessories ---litter box, water feeder, toys--for weeks now. Junior--the world traveler. From now she will likely live out a comparatively dull life! The good thing is that she learned to travel at an early age--she came here at 10 months old-- and rides compliantly and calmly in a car--which J.D. never did. Speaking of J.D., her remains lie beneath the balcony of this apartment---I just haven't brought myself to pay a last visit yet there before I leave.

I am ready to go home. But, of course I have mixed feelings. For one thing, Leela and Junior have bonded---she bounds up from the bed when Leela gets up at 5 a.m., and when Leela returns from her day off, Junior is at the door to welcome her. That will be the first degree of separation. Then, when I leave the house and say good bye myself, that will be the next degree, because Leela is like family (she has another job, beginning in January, nearby, and I will stay in touch with her new family, Facebook friends). And then to all of the staff at work, and friends, goodbye again. It's been a tough three years in many ways, but also very intense and rewarding.

In all of this, the secondary consideration for me has been leaving work. Officially I'm retiring, though in reality I'm taking a few months off, and then looking for something else to do. It doesn't feel as intense to me as leaving India. But maybe the human brain can only handle one big change at a time, so my mind is doing this thing sequentially....we'll see.

I have really enjoyed reading your blog for the past 2 years. All the best for a safe trip back and a happy readjustment back home. You'll be missed. Take care. - sukumar, www.sastwingees.org
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