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Thursday, December 27, 2007
Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet...
It's been about a week since I returned to the U.S. It's cold in Michigan---snow on the ground that has now melted with a rainfall a few days ago, but still very cold here especially compared to Chennai. The air shipment was delivered on Friday with everything intact. I've checked in with a number of friends, started getting the house in order in anticipation of the sea shipment in a month or so, and we are going on a circle tour of the eastern U.S.--will be in New Hampshire for New Year's, and then travel south to Orlando to go to Disney World and Universal Studios, maybe catching Graceland on the way back up north. I've already been signed up for a Torah reading with our shul when I get back, and then head out to Vipassana for 10 days at the Dhamma Torana.

At first, my dad, who has just turned 90, did not know me. Yesterday and today he did. Sometimes he reacts when I use a phrase from childhood ("I'll give you a potch in tuchis," or "take a lot, take two...." ) , and some days he even knows my name--but often there is a blank look in his eyes, nobody home. He doesn't walk now, and hasn't for a few months---my dad, who never took a car when he could walk or take his bicycle, and was a fixture around town, his tie flapping over one shoulder as he rode my old grade school bike--abandoned for a multi-speed model when I was in college--to the family store. I am glad I got him home from India when I did, since he would never have made it now. He is in a comfortable place in a small nursing home about 3 miles from our house. I visit nearly every day, but it depresses me to stay too long.

I've had a lot of thoughts about India, but mostly right now it feels very far away, and my attention is focused on family and settling back into the U.S. I rejoined the Ashtanga yoga class I'd enjoyed before I left--ironically, I did almost no yoga in India. In a few days, I'll jot down some thoughts--what I liked, what I didn't like, what I learned. And figure out what the next journal will be about.....
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