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Thursday, December 13, 2007
Last Days in Chennai

The sea shipment has been loaded and locked, and sent to customs and then to the Port of Chennai. The ship was to have sailed yesterday for Columbo, where the container will be loaded on to a larger ocean vessel that sails around the Horn of Africa and straight to New York. There, it clears customs and is transferred to a truck to Detroit. Supposedly, all this takes a month--I'll believe that when I see it.

In the meantime, I decided against any more travel the last weekend I'm here. I'm happily settled at the residential quarters of the Madras Club, which are really quite lovely--my room overlooks the walking trail and the Adyar River. Just plan to have a quiet time and enjoy the atmosphere and the pool for the last few days. The monsoon, which never really came--we only had a few days of rain--has ended, and the December weather is great. All that will end when I reach Detroit, where it's freezing rain.

What is the madras club? pls feel free to email me at radbcc@yahoo.com. thanks for a great blog.
wow, the end of an era. any more overseas assignments? well, hey, if you're ever in laos...

too bad the monsoon never came this year. that was absolutely my favorite part of the year...
and i've also enjoyed your chennai blog. i'm still insanely jealous of that one post about darjeeling. never made it there, to my unending regret.
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