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Tuesday, December 18, 2007
Last Day in Chennai
Well, so much for the end of the monsoon....today was a blustery, rainy day with nearly constant downpours--it has never really stopped, just let up a few times---and impossible to do much of anything but pack. So I wasn't able to even take a "farewell swim" in the pool.

Now I'm in the final hours, and will have dinner with Jon and Lindy in a little while, then load up and head to the airport. I'll post when I arrive back in the good old US of A. From what I hear weather there is not much better--Marty and Sara will come to the airport with my winter coat, hat and boots. Bringing my multi-colored gloves from Darjeeling (that one's for you, Prince Roy--someday you will get there!) with me....

Nancy, it's been wonderful getting to know you here in Chennai. We were honored that you agreed to spend your last meal here with us! We will miss you terribly but send much good luck your way as you enter another new phase.
It was a pleasure reading your blog. Please do post about your experience settling back in the US and the India experience in retrospect.

I moved from India to US ( 3 yrs back) about the time you moved to India. It was a fun to get your perspective.

Thanks for sharing such a great information..Its really nice and informative.

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