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Sunday, December 02, 2007
The End is Near
It seems impossible to believe that the end of my three year stay in India is near.....I'll be leaving for good in just a little over two weeks. Junior, pictured pensively below, returns on Wednesday night, and yesterday I had to sign over a dozen documents connected with her shipment. The packers come on Thursday. Once I move to temporary accommodation at the Madras Club, posts may be spotty . I'm hoping to get in one journey out of Chennai before I depart, though, and also want to do a wrap up post on the India experience.....

I haven't decided what to do about Chennai Journal when I return. Probably I'll do a few posts about the "reentry process", just to give the complete expat experience--because truly, coming home can be as much of an adjustment as going out, based on what I found when I returned from Japan after more than four years there. I've really enjoyed blogging and it has been a great way to record my experience. Will give it some thought, but it may depend on whatever my new gig is after "retirement..." Plan to take a few months off, do the American touristy things like visit Disney World and Graceland, and also do the 10 day Vipassana meditation course in Ontario. The rest I'm playing by ear....
sorry so see u go. i just found your blog a while back and was enjoying it. if u are ever in DC, let me know. take care.
THanks for your note....take care.
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