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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I don't know how much it costs to reupholster furniture in the U.S. these days, or how long it takes. I've heard that it's expensive and can take months. We had a couple of pieces of furniture that were very comfortable--Dad's favorite wingback chair, and a rocker we had in the bedroom--that were looking a bit tired but otherwise in good shape. So bought some fabric for about $10 a meter --$60 for the wingback chair and $20 for the rocker--and had a couple of guys who run a shop nearby come and re-do them. They came, sewing machine and all, and did both of the chairs plus some work on a couple of drapes that I want to be able to use at home that needed to be sewed together and have a space put in for a rod. They were here for two days and charged 3000 RS (about $75 US). Both pieces look better than new.

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