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Sunday, September 02, 2007
Recruiting Again....

One of my colleagues from another company passed this ad around at a recent conference. This ad speaks volumes about the challenges of managing people here and some of the remarks--like the one about excuses---may resonate across borders. (Note, you will have to click on the photo to enlarge and read it).

My husband howled when he read this :)
Shalom, nmj3

I am doing humaniarian work for an NGO in South India - Krishna District and wish to attend Rosh Hashanah services --& saw your comment about Knesset Eliyahu. Can you advise as to whom to contact when I reach Bombay?

Any other comments would be appreciated..I am alone & would very much lilke to share the holiday with others.

Many thanks
PLease answer to karenleahlvn@yaho.com
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