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Sunday, April 15, 2007
Back in Chennai
Thank you, readers, for your patience. I returned to Chennai early Monday morning after a week in Detroit, where it was snowing when I left. Back in Chennai, the hot season seems to have arrived and the only pleasant time of day is in the early morning hours. From here it will only get hotter. This will be my last summer in Chennai, so having been through it twice before I will sweat it out.

We had two lovely seders, one with our cousins and the other with friends, and I also got to see Dad every day. He has good days and not-so-good days, but in general is doing okay. He has a walker on wheels that he enjoys very much. During my visit baseball season started, and I took him down to the activity room to watch the Tiger's opening day. Although it was something he would have loved a few years ago, honestly I don't know how much of it he followed. When I left, he was nodding off.

Marty has moved into a neat little house in Huntington Woods, a suburb of Detroit. It is about a half hour walk from our synagogue, which I did the day after I arrived despite the cold weather. The house is smaller than our one in Beverly Hills, but all we need. Given the way the real estate market in Detroit is tanking these days (the publicity on Chrysler being sold was hot news while I was there), we decided to rent instead of buy. This was a house refurbished on spec, but the owner wound up renting instead of selling. Everything was brand new, including the kitchen, so we were able to use it as is for Passover rather than going through the laborious process of kashering everything. Given that I haven't really cooked for over two years, I was relieved that my chicken soup with matzo balls still came out well!

Roberta decided while I was in the U.S. that she would stay until the first weekend in May. That was good news. Today we went to a local art gallery and next weekend we are going to have a Shabbat dinner party and then try to go to Kancheepuram.

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