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Monday, March 12, 2007
Singapore Fling

Roberta and I went to Singapore for her birthday, and had a lovely time at the orchid gardens. A different set of orchids was in bloom than when Marty and I visited a year and a half ago, but still beautiful.

We also went to the Jurong Bird Park, which has several hundred varieties of birds from all over the world. A couple of times a day, there is a bird show, where trained macaws, flamingoes, and even hawks entertain a fascinated audience, flying through hoops in formation, retrieving money from members of the audience, and even playing ping-pong. There is a "Lory loft" where brightly colored birds (see below) drink sugar water from cups supplied by the park attendants. One poor little girl was nipped by an eager bird trying to cram his way onto the feeding cup. But for the most part, the birds were well behaved, as were the children.


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