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Sunday, March 04, 2007
Back in Business
BSNL came and got the internet working (turns out it was a faulty phone connection), but my home laptop crashed and despite reloading Windows, the ethernet driver is nowhere to be found, and the computer is still very, very slow. So, plan to invest in a new one shortly. Fortunately, I had backed up MOST of the photographs I've taken over the last two years--though I'm sure I'll discover some good ones missing.

Today is Holi, a primarily North India holiday that is a spring festival of colors---you see both people and cattle decorated with face paint and colorful dress. There are various stories about the origin of this holiday, in which vibrantly colored powders with medicinal properties ward off the viral diseases and colds so common in spring. Coincidentally, it is also the Jewish festival of Purim, which celebrates the defeat of the Haman, evil aide to the King of Persia, who plotted to destroy the Jewish people. I missed hearing the reading of the Megillah (Book of Esther). Sara went as an Indian princess in her latest salwar kameez!

A while ago I wrote about the advertisements for brides and bridegrooms that feature prominently in the Sunday papers here. Last week I found one that has to be the proverbial needle in the haystack--but definitely a sign of the new India that is increasingly recognizing the professional worth of women.....

Groom Wanted

Good looking, very fair post graduate Doctor bridegroom aged below 29 years and height above 5 foot 8 inches Kamma Naidu [from the Warrior caste] is required. He should have been brought up in any one of the big cities of Tamil Nadu and convent educated. One of the parents shall be professinally qualified and well stabilized financially. Groom with Doctor parents preferable. The Groom should be dynamic, self initiative [sic] and ambitious. He should be self confident and will be able to appreciate the professional performance of the spouse. He should be able to relish better placed, very rich, very fair, well qualified and well recognized spouse. He should have a very high level of moral values and should be a team player both in profession and family life. If you are one of them [sic] please contact......

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