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Sunday, February 18, 2007
Bits and Bobs
This is a bit of a random post this week, with various bits gathered in part from a short trip to Delhi this week and some from the news:
"Dear Friends. My sighting in the wild is a matter of chance. Single-minded objective for me during park visit may disappoint you in a great way. I request you to enjoy this park in its total wilderness."

rent an elephant less than $100 a day: do you mean US$ or rupees? $100 US seems rather steep.
Howz the hand on the shoulder to detect sacred thread different from the old white man church club in our good ole' USA ? Some people refer to it as WASP. There are a lot of companies that do EOE but don't promote anyone who is not a WASP and who don't belong to the church club.
I found the caste system in India to be very strong and negative. Sad to see. Definately India could not preach human rights to other countries.
"The caste system is alive and well in some Indian companies, which have a preference for certain groups (e.g. Brahmins). Everyone seems to know which companies these are, but names are not mentioned. It is said that an arm put around the shoulder by a supervisor at such a company may not be a sign of encouragement, but an attempt by the superior to detect the sacred thread worn by Brahmins. "

Nice Try! better luck next time
.Why don't the Non-brahmis wear the fucking sacred thread and become brahmins!
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