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Monday, January 15, 2007
Dad's Return
Marty, Roberta and Sara arrived on Wednesday morning. Marty and Sara will go back to the U.S. on January 25, and Roberta will stay with me until mid April teaching at the Asian College of Journalism. When Marty and Sara go back, Dad will go with them. He has been slowing down in the last few months and we want to get him back to the U.S. while it is still manageable for him to travel. He will enter an assisted living place near where Marty and Sara are staying. This is a difficult decision, as he has quite a pleasant life here and filled with caring people in Ganesh and Leela, who have looked after him as if he were family. (More on this later). But it is time.

Marty, Roberta and I are traveling at the moment to Bangkok and Siem Reap, Cambodia, where we have taken in the sights including the fabulous temples and ruins of Angkor Wat. More on this when we return to India in a few days.
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