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Sunday, December 17, 2006
Dad's Birthday and Lia Arrives

Update: Lia "pre-shopping" for saris at Nalli's in Chennai. We took a tour of Chennai today and checked out some of the main shopping places, and Lia also picked up some VCDs.

Thursday was Dad's 89th birthday. We had a quiet celebration at home. He seemed to know that it was his birthday but could not remember how old he is---and this morning when I asked him, he still didn't have a clue. When I told him he was 89, he paused for a few seconds and said, "Gosh, pretty soon I'll be an old man." It is gratifying that despite all the decline, he has not lost his sense of humor!

In other news, the college aged daughter of friends, Lia, arrived last night at 3 a.m. Lia studies Hindi and recently taught a course on Bollywood at the University of Michigan. After I finish work this week, we are heading to Hyderabad to Ramoji Film City where some of the films are produced and then up to Rajasthan to Jaipur and Jodphur (yes the famous riding clothes are named after this city). She is still sleeping as I write this or I would also post her picture---I forgot to take my camera to the airport last night.

I am still fighting the cough that came with the cold that I got in Darjeeling. This is a typical pattern for me and I expect the cough to hang on for another couple of weeks at least. This is the first cold I've had in India, so I've gotten all kinds of advice on how to deal with it. Both Leela and my admin are carefully monitoring what they will let me eat and drink. No bananas, no cucumbers, no cold water--only hot water. In India it is believed that certain fruits and vegetables are "cold" and others are "warm" ---so when you have a cold you should not consume "cold" foods.

1st time here :) Gud 2 c u had a gr8 time.. Keep writing :) Well maintained blog :)

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