Chennai Journal
Sunday, September 17, 2006
Best of Show
Every year Global Adjustments, which runs cultural training and offers other services for expatriates and outbound Indians, puts on a photo contest called "Beautiful India" exclusively for expatriates. We entered several photos taken by Marty, Roberta and me. The one at the right, which I called "Reflections", won not only the prize for its category, "Places", but won the overall grand prize for the whole event! There were about 170 photos submitted, and the judges were an expatriate, a film producer, and a local business person. I was surprised not only to win the overall best but also that some of the other photos we entered didn't win anything (a representative sample at the top).

Today was the prize distribution and, not realizing that I would be called to the stage, I told them in advance that since I had another engagement in the morning I would be late. The American Consul General, David Hopper, received the award on my behalf, which included a one week trip for two to the Maldives. By company policy--and my personal conviction-- I cannot accept such a gift, so I've asked them to donate the proceeds to a local charity.

Wow. That is a nice picture.
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