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Tuesday, March 14, 2006
One Year in Madras
It seems impossible to believe, but I've been in Madras one year today. I don't know if it seems short or long---sometimes both in the same day. It is also a special birthday for my cousin Helen in Seattle, so I want to publicly wish her a very happy day!

This evening Roberta and I went over to the Madras Club and swam in the pool by starlight and a full moon. The pool is the only one I've been in that is cooled instead of heated, and looking up at Orion (very high in the sky here, since we're near the equator) and seeing the other constellations by backstroke is pretty neat. Also, you don't have to worry about sunburn ---the pool is open until nearly 10 most nights, so may try to do this more often (famous last resolutions).


I have been silently following your sojourn in Chennai. Happy anniversary of your Chennai life. Enjoy your stay over there.

SLN (a Chennaiite)
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