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Sunday, January 29, 2006
Kuala Lumpur

Thursday was a national holiday in India, so I took a long weekend and Marty, Roberta, and I headed to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which is about a 4 hour flight from Chennai.

KL is a beautiful, modern city, perhaps a bit rougher, but less regulated and less expensive than Singapore. We stayed at the Sheraton Imperial not far from the Petronas Towers--the sunset view at the right is from our hotel window. The hotel was one of the nicest, and most reasonably priced that we've stayed in anywhere, and the service was great. KL boasts a number of attractions within the city, such as the Chinese Market on Petaling Street, where you can buy fake Rolex watches and Gucci handbags, bootleg DVDs, and other treasures. We headed there after dinner one night---things get rocking only after about 9 p.m.---and pushed and shoved our way through narrow aisles along with thousands of other intrepid shoppers.
We also took a tour out of the city to the firefly park, which is one of the most spectacular showings of nature I've seen in a long time....just after sunset, you take a silent, motorized boat out on the river, and soon every bush is alive with fireflies. They almost seem like an extension of the sky, forming mini constellations on the mangrove trees where they spend most of their time. Couldn't take a photograph of this, but along the way we stopped at a mountain vista and were entertained by a colony of monkeys, including the wise looking old guy below.
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