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Sunday, December 11, 2005
Marty Joins the Rotary and Let's Get Giddy

It's official---Marty was accepted by the Rotary of Madras, which is the largest and most active Rotary club in the city. This process took several months, unlike the States where service clubs take in new members without a lot of protocol or fanfare. Marty's installation was on Tuesday and it was a quite a formal affair--he had to wear a suit. He also had a special orientation the previous Thursday.

On Wednesday the Rotary International Governor from Chicago was in town and there were dedications of two projects: one that was a combined effort of several Rotary clubs and the other the work of Rotary of Madras, which is rebuilding one of the tsunami-affected villages along the East Coast Road. One of the photos above shows the fishing boats that the Rotary donated to replace those lost in the tsunami. However, they are doing much more than this---building homes, a school, hospital, and cold storage facility so that the fishermen don't lose so much profit to the middlemen. They are also providing scholarships and trade programs for village children. Marty attended the dedication ceremony and was deeply moved by the gratitude of the people, showing how big a difference can be made when people not only care but take action.

On a lighter note, the other thing I have been meaning to show is the Giddiness Research Centre, which is located on the road into the central city. The Centre is run by my thyroid doctor and her husband, and it gives me a chuckle everytime we go past. Recently I finally remembered to take my camera AND to have Antony slow down so I could get this shot:

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