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Sunday, August 07, 2005
Sara's Visit

Sara finally arrived last Friday night. She has especially enjoyed reuniting with my dad and the cats, and has done some shopping and sightseeing in Chennai. We had a tailor come and make some traditional Indian outfits for her.

Yesterday we drove again to Auroville and Pondicherry and last weekend we went to Fisherman’s Cove and Mamallapuram. During our stay in Fisherman’s cove we went “deep sea fishing”.

Probably you are imagining a small yacht stocked with beer and munchies, with a nice hold downstairs where you can get away from the sun, and gleaming fiberglass fishing poles with fancy reels. Instead, this was an authentic Indian fishing experience---lines on a wooden wrapper (just south of my knee in the picture), and a communal village fishing boat---identical to the ones given by Ford and other companies to the tsunami-ravaged villages that had lost their livelihood. Most of the fish are caught with nets at night. But during the daytime, the nets can’t be used because the fish can see them---so the fishermen are left to use lines and bait. We didn’t do too badly with this method—in an hour and a half, we caught about 20 small fish, including some nice snappers.

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