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Saturday, July 23, 2005
The Seniors and Their Staff

Dad is so fond of Ganesh, who stayed with him when we went to Singapore, that we asked Ganesh to come five days a week. Here you can see them enjoying T.V. together. Ganesh, who works for a home health service connected to Apollo Hospital, arrives every day around 9 on his motorbike and stays until 7 or 8 at night. He takes Dad for a couple of walks in the gardens around our apartment complex every day and has him training with weights two or three days a week, helps him with his shower, and generally acts as his companion. Dad is thrilled with this arrangement. He gets to tell all of his stories and famous phrases (“my sufficiency has been sophonsified” and “take a lot, take two”) to a brand new audience!

The other senior, J.D., also is getting special treatment here. The vet who examined her post arrival in India for the immigration formalities told us that she had a skin fungus and that was the reason she had a lot of matted hair. He proposed to have us bring her to his clinic, where he would put her under an anaesthetic and shave her fur off in the matted part to treat the fungus. My instincts on the vet (whose business card advertises him as “veterinarian and gynecologist”) led us to get a second opinion. Our neighbors have three cats and had given us the name of another vet that they have been very happy with, so we asked him to come and take a look. Sure enough, J.D. does not have a fungus but simply badly matted hair from lack of grooming herself (and, to be fair to J.D., my lack of combing her to compensate for this). He sent a groomer the next day who was able (with Marty, Antony and Joyce’s help) to remove most of the matted hair. Now the groomer will come once a month to groom J.D. and clip her and Junior’s nails. The cost for this service is 100 rupees.

Although Blogger's photo utility is extremely slow, preventing me from showing too many pictures, I did want to show you some very interesting fungus of the edible variety, called "snow fungus" because of its white color. This was served as a dessert at the buffet we went to in the M hotel in Singapore, and --at least to me--was quite tasty.

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