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Sunday, June 19, 2005
Internet at Last
At last we have internet at home. We got tired of waiting for broadband (still on order) and so got a wireless card that is a bit slower but still allows us to connect. Still, it was quite a hassle. The store sent Marty home with the card and CD to install, but of course it didn't work. Fortunately the guy they sent to help was very persistent ---almost as if his honor as a techie was at stake. After a couple of hours trying, and even dragging us to a service store with the CD, aircard, and laptop, he finally wound up calling in a friend of his with more experience, and the two of them got it working. Neither would even take a tip.

A few posts back I told you about Cotton City, a kind of street fair of fabrics where I bought the curtain material. Now that we have internet at home, I can post pictures, so here is one:

See anything you like? Well, too bad---this photo was taken in April, and the fabrics change almost weekly, so it probably is no longer available. The last time I took Marty there, they were starting to get in more fall patterns and colors. As expected Marty did not like all the drapes (though he did like some of them) so we'll be doing some replacements in the living room in the next few weeks.

We also had our first "interview" at the Madras Club last week. It was a cocktail reception. Several people were standing around when we got there and we started talking to another couple. Pretty soon a man carrying a white card with some names on it came up and introduced himself as one of the "committee members". He asked who we were, checked our names off, and introduced us to another " committee member." It turned out that we had to meet all 14 committee members as our first formal introduction to the club. After about an hour of this, a gong was sounded. This meant we were free to leave.

I had been warned by one of my co-workers that attending the reception did not mean that membership would immediately follow. This turned out to be correct. The first week in July we have to go a board meeting and have another formal introduction. We are looking forward to it because in addition to having very reasonably priced Western and Indian food and bar, the Madras Club also has a great pool. The paradigm shift is that the pool is not heated but---you guessed it---cooled!

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