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Monday, May 30, 2005
This week's adventures
Well, I know it's starting to sound like a broken record, but we still don't have internet at home. The problem seems to be that cable needs to be laid to our area, and that hasn't happened yet. An ominous sign is that the marketing guy wants to return my check until they get the port installed. So last night we decided to call one of the standard dial-up services, even though it will be a lot slower, just so we have something. Now we'll see how long that takes. (The last time I tried this route the installation CD blew up Microsoft windows).

This week both Marty and I have been been to the doctor a few times. Marty has had pain in his hip that the x-rays show is caused by a couple of dislocated discs. He is going this afternoon for an MRI. The orthopedic doctor gave him a prescription for some painkillers. 7 tablets cost a total of 57 rupees (about $1.25). I have high blood pressure. Our doctor in the States put me on some medication a couple of months before I left, but it isn't working. So I have to see a cardiologist here. I also had to renew a prescription for thyroid medication. That cost about $3 for a six week supply.

The Apollo Cliniq where we go is part of the Apollo Hospital chain, which is becoming world renowned. Although the clinic is quite modest (they still use the old fashioned manual blood pressure equipment), the doctors seem very competent. We seldom have to wait more than 5 or 10 minutes when we do go. Big change from the U.S. on all counts.

Next time I will write about our culinary adventures, including Marty's experience with a cat food sandwich. Stay tuned.
Hi Nancy, it was great to see you in Detroit. I am interested in your experience with the Indian health services. Some people have suggested to me that medical care in India would be bad. But I did not think that was true. It just didn't make sense to me. Too bad about your internet experience. BTW, remember that guy I met in Detroit at Bombay Video (now sadly defunct). Anyway, he said there was a Chennai Language Institute where you could study different languages and hopefully Hindi. Lia and I were thinking about something useful for her to do when she goes to India. Could you take a look around and see if there is such a thing? Rose
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