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Thursday, April 28, 2005
Settling in
The draperies arrived last Friday and look really nice. For four rooms, the grand total for labor was $75 including making valances, buying and installing hooks, etc. (added to the $75 for 110 yards of fabric). At this rate you could change the drapes a few times a year and not feel too much pain.

Passover has been a bit of a bummer. No seder materialized in Chennai, but a local woman who comes from the Jewish community in Mumbai and I did get together for dinner. Her son is a filmmaker and the producer of the film "Next year in Jerusalem" about the community in Cochin.

This week we've had a lot of visitors in town and I've eaten out every night (with someone else paying, which is nice.) Last night we went to Southern Spice, which is a trendy southern Indian restaurant in the Taj Coromondel. At the end of the meal they served something called paan, which is a beetle leaf with various herbs and sweets inside. The beetle leaf is quite pungent, and is designed to clear the palate and freshen the breath. Not bad but Marty won't care for it, I'm sure!

The good news is that the sea shipment is due in on May 1, which is Sunday. I'm told that it should clear in four to five days, so hopefully I have furniture in a week. I can't wait. It's getting pretty old rattling around in the apartment with so little furniture.

Next week is a block closure, so I won't have to work. I'm planning to do a bit of exploring around Chennai, and maybe try to find a yoga studio. Stay tuned......

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