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Tuesday, April 12, 2005
Rain and Junior's arrival
Junior, our 10 month old cat, arrived safely from Detroit early Saturday morning. She had spent the night in Frankfurt, Germany and seemed none the worse for wear despite a nearly two day journey in air cargo. On her first day in the apartment she discovered--and quickly lost interest--in a lizard that came in the house via a desk I had delivered. Guess we'll have to wait for the Queen of the Hunt, J.D., for lizard control. They will be just about right for her as they move slowly. In the meantime Junior is settling in well and already supervising Leela in the kitchen.

Earlier in the week we had torrential rains which flooded the road on the way to the plant. Drainage is not a big thing here, so we had to slog through water that was at least knee deep. Cars here are built for these conditions--they have extra high clearance and we have a pool on the vehicle test area where we test ours to ensure that they're watertight. The trucks and buses don't always fare so well so a number were stalled, making it an arduous journey home. Can't wait for monsoon season, which comes in September.

On Sunday I went with one of the neighbors to "Cotton City", which is an outdoor market where you can buy all kinds of export overruns, seconds, and remnant fabrics at rock bottom prices---30 rupees (about 70 cents) a meter. I'm having curtains made for the apartment--and the good thing is that if Marty doesn't like them, replacements won't break the bank.

This Thursday is the Tamil New Year and we have a long weekend. I'm going to Cochin, in Kerala on the western coast, for a couple of days. I'll write more from there and I hope to be able to upload some pictures soon.

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