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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Nancy's employment visa Posted by Hello
Well, here it is at last, one month later. A long story and since I haven't actually entered the country yet, I'll keep it brief for the moment and tell the longer story at a more auspicious time. I'm scheduled to leave a week from tonight. The packers come on Monday and I have everything color coded (Air, Sea, Storage, and Leave) so it shouldn't be too painful. The extra time has given me the opportunity to organize, so it hasn't been all bad! Marty, Dad and the kitties scheduled to come later--probably in early May after the sea shipment arrives.

I did have a very good meeting on Friday with the leadership of the Indian employee's association in Dearborn, who are very keen to do something to contribute to AIDs awareness in the Chennai area. AIDS has become a big epidemic in India especially South India where our operations are located. Ford has been very a big activist on this in South Africa in recent years and there's also an opportunity for leadership in Tamil Nadu (the state where Chennai is located). It's been a while since I've had any corporate involvement with community relations so it will be interesting to get back into this.

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